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Choosing the perfect clothing for your baby keepsake

We often get asked, do you have any tips for selecting clothing?

So we thought it would be helpful to pull together a few little tips to help you along the way to receiving a keepsake you will love.

Keep a favourite

Firstly I would perhaps pull out one of those very first items (usually the first grow or hospital outfit) & pop this into a little memory box as it is lovely to reminisce about how tiny they once were. It will also give you more confidence to part with the rest of the clothing knowing you have kept something extra special. We still have Alice & Noah's very first hospital grows despite using everything else in keepsakes.

Check for unsuitable items

The majority of clothing items will work well in a baby clothes keepsake. A minority of fabrics may still work but as with any used clothing can sometimes be unpredictable. If selecting the following items it is worth popping us a message prior to ordering to check if we can work our Sew Loved magic.

  • netting or tulle unless it is part of a frilled skirt or something similar

  • heavy fabrics like a wool coat, leather or thick denim

  • crochet items

  • thick knit items

Selecting the clothing

I'm sure you will now be staring at a large pile of suitable clothing, so it's time to begin picking out those 'must have' items. Usually they are likely to be those which hold the most special memories or possibly contain a favourite prints/logo etc. There will be some items that you just know are definitely to be included then it is just a case of supplementing these with a selection of clothes that compliment them. Similar tones work well, other items that pick out a colour included within the selection- even a contrasting colour can look fabulous. We will attach a few clothing pictures below of recent orders to help give you an idea.

Since we began Sew Loved in 2015, we have seen a range of combinations with the clothing colours/items and patterns and every single one has always turned out unique and beautiful. So please don't worry, you have selected your items because they are important to you and that is what will make your keepsake precious 💕

If you do require any additional help selecting items we are more than happy to advise so just pop us a message with some photos attached.

Happy choosing!

Sew Loved xx

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